Skills list

The Fire Talent roster includes only those artists practicing modern safety standards,
and a dedication to the fine art of visual flame artistry.

Whether you’re searching by geographic region, or looking for a specific skill set,
your fire artist may be closer than you think. Contact us for more information and a free quote.

Some of our more popular skill sets & offerings include:

Fire breathers /breathing
Fire eaters / eating
Fire jugglers / juggling
Fire poi
Fire bellydance
Fire staff
Fire diabolo
Fire devil sticks
Fire rope dart
fire fans
fire palms & hand torches
fire ropes
fire swords
fire walking
colored flame & manipulation
Firework manipulation & Rocket spinning
Audio Concussions & Sonic Boom FX
Ambient Fire art
fire wands
fire stilt walking
fire knife
Fire dragon staff
fire nunchaku


Luau, Polynesian & hula fusion fire offerings
Fire show production, consulting, management and direction
Film/TV Fire extras / background
fire lessons
sacred fire ceremonies / fire meditations / fire walking
Full fire performance shows
Fire dance ensembles
fire show choreography
fire gogo dancers
fire fetish artists

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