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Whether your next event is a wedding, luau, corporate event, film production, bar mitzvah, film shoot, private party, or something else entirely,
We’ve been through the process of obtaining the necessary permits ( when applicable), coordinating with event planners, venues, fire marshals, wedding planners,
and everyone in between.

So You’ve taken the first step: You’ve decided you want fire at your event. What now?

In some cases, rules may apply for your specific location or venue to produce the show you want.  Public venues may require the presence of a fire regulatory official, or require additional safety information.

We work with with officials on a daily basis, and know what they want. If your event/venue requires technical specs, safety information, or anything else… Chances are, we’ve been through it a hundred times.  If you have any questions, simply contact us.

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients get the show they want.  We’re here for you.


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